Review and analyze business ideas

The first step in launching a business is brainstorming and writing a business model. The idea of ​​a business has a long way to go from the time it is formed in the mind to launching that business.


Evaluate a business idea

Can your business meet the needs of an individual or organization?

Are there many people who have such a problem?

Do these people have enough money to pay for these products or services?


Develop a complete business model and plan

The Business Model is a relatively new term in the management literature. In the business model we need to answer three major questions:

How does this business generate value?

How does it turn into money?

How can it be sustainable?


Develop a marketing model and plan

  • You will have an overview and marketing roadmap.
  • You will have the right marketing strategy.
  • You will clearly see how your brand works.
  • You will also see the performance of competitors and their plans more clearly.

Develop a competitor analysis program

The competitor analysis program is called competitive comparison research. This research is very important for the success of your business. Because competitive comparison research helps you;

  • Know your competitors better.
  • Get to know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses better.
  • Enter the market with more awareness.
  • Provide more appropriate and valuable products or services based on the competitors and the market.