موشن گرافی

Motion graphics

During recent years, most businesses have used creative motion graphics for advertising, brand awareness, branding and sales of their products or services. The reason for this choice lies in several key points. As a case in point, making a professional video clip requires a camera, lighting, sound, actor, and then editing the video, but making professional motion graphic does not require expensive video clip making tools, and most of the work is done by a computer. Therefore, the cost of motion graphics is much lower. On the other hand, motion graphics can be much more attractive due to its creativity and characterization. Applications of motion graphics include the following items:

  • Make a promotional teaser
  • Two-dimensional animations
  • Introducing a product or service
  • Advertising ideas
  • Training programs

Advantages of Motion Graphics

  • Transmitting concepts in the best possible way
  • Content creation in a short time
  • High impact on the audience
  • A very practical tool in the field of digital marketing
  • Improving the quality of education

Steps of motion graphics production

1- Scenario preparation

Initially, according to the values ​​that your business can offer to your customers and considering the competitive advantages, the content scenario will be developed and sent to the client for approval.

2- Digital design

After confirming the scenario and based on it, characters, backgrounds and other elements required in the project are designed and sent to the client for approval.

3- Animation

With the approval of the characters and designs, the animation process begins.

4- Editing and voice acting

After completing the animation step, all sequences are rendered and sent to the editing section. At this stage, the final voice of the speaker is also recorded in the studio and applied in the project.

5- Project delivery